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Natural Resources



In the area of aquaculture, SGC has consolidated a team of professionals located in Puerto Montt, which provide permanent support to the different specialties of this area. Along with the staff of the head office they have positioned SGC as one of the firms specialized in the loss adjustment of aquacultural claims in Chile.
As regards to the agricultural area, with the launch of the Agricultural Insurance in 2001, SGC started a rising career and has positioned itself as the main loss adjusting firm in this specialized market.
In the forestry area SGC Recursos Naturales is the most important loss adjuster in the country, with presence in the different Latin-American markets.
The support and experience of SGC Ajustadores and the professionalism of SGC Recursos Naturales make this firm an important contributor to the Chilean insurance market. We’d like to invite you to learn more about our work in the other sections of our web site.

Forestry Risks

  • Detailed measurement of areas and volumes.
  • Insured participation in the measurements.
  • Selected team of recovery experts and efficient recovery management.
  • Elaboration of manuals, coverages and appraisals.
  • Presence in most Latin-American countries.

Permanent team of 3 Forest Engineers graduated from University of Chile and Catholic University.

Agricultural Risks

Timely and quality site inspections.
Network of agricultural inspectors between Arica and Chiloé.
Specialists in weather and fruit-related claims.

  • Correct assessment of the insured and the damaged matter.
  • Determination of the yield and losses at the site.
  • Design of insurance programs.
  • Consultancy services for Insurance Companies in Latin America

Permanent team of 4 Agricultural Engineers graduated form University of Chile and Catholic University.
Transport loss cause analysis of refrigerated fresh fruit, along with SGC Transporte


  • Timely inspections and measures to mitigate losses
  • Complete review of the site in order to determine other loss causes.
  • Solution to problems of the Insured that may increase the losses.
  • Specialized consultants in Los Lagos Region.
  • Recovery of fishes.
  • Risk inspections.

Sebastián Soto Durán