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It focuses on the management and adjustment of claims related to personal lines and distribution products through mass channels. For such purpose we’ve put together teams with vast experience on this type of claims designing processes that respond to the demands of the insurance market for an adequate and expedite service, within the service parameters offered to the policyholders.

Our strategy focuses on three areas aiming at different risks and products developed y the market that demand specific dynamics.

Our MULTI-RISK AREA is involved in claims related to home insurance, fire risks and the additional coverage related to home and community or condominium risks, risks associated to mortgages, fire risks and the corresponding additional coverages for small and medium size enterprises. We participate in the loss adjustment of policies related to some specific segments such as pet theft and accidents, bicycle protection and others resulting from the constant market innovation.

For such purpose we have a network operating along the entire country with professionals such as architects, contractors and engineers all of whom can assess on site the claim causes, damages and repair costs.

Our AREA OF PERSONAL ACCIDENTS AND MEDICAL EXPENSES specializes on individual and collective policies related to personal accidents and specific products related to medical expenses and SOAP (personal accident mandatory insurance). We have broad experience on the design of brief, expedite and reliable loss adjustment processes with the support of professional in the areas of health and technology.

Our UNEMPLOYMENT AND FRAUDE ARE aims at contributing with expedite and abbreviated processes and the use of high-quality technological standards to transfer information for this type of claims, protecting the technical quality of the assessment.

Christian Mora Bonet

Manager Partner Personal Lies
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